About Us

Established in 2014, our mission is to provide financial assistance to men seeking focal therapy treatment for prostate cancer.

Focal therapy treatment offers an alternative to surgery. After all, who wants to spend their days in doctors’ offices and at radiation treatments? Enter our founding donor.

Vincent “Vinny” Smith, businessman and philanthropist, is a survivor. How could he help keep the program running, he asked? His answer? Money to support further research and future patients who might need the treatment, but can’t afford it.

Founding doctors of the treatment remembered their colleague had always wanted to start a foundation. So, with the money from our donor and a little help from his finance team, The Focal Therapy Foundation was born.

While the treatment offers a number of benefits, it has only one con. It can be expensive.

Our vision is to offer prostate cancer patients access to a less invasive alternative to surgery for a better quality of life.

Though based in Ohio, we have personal connections to the pioneers of the treatment and want to give others the opportunity to choose the best healthcare treatment for them. Healthcare is expensive enough without the stress of the diagnosis to weigh you down.

 Let us help take some of the financial strain from your shoulders and see if you’re eligible to apply.
The Focal Therapy Foundation
The Focal Therapy Foundation